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Pipe Repair Before
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Many people invest a lot of money on their bathroom to give it a gorgeous look by installing branded and elegantly designed sinks, steel water taps, and modern-design showers too. With the proper fixtures, the bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious space where homeowners can freshen up and unwind after a long day. 

However, the elegance of a well-designed bathroom is ruined when you notice a water tap leaking. Such water leaks can lead to a waste of water and an irritating wetness on the bathroom floor. 

Pipe leak repair is important, as a leaking water tap should never be left unattended. Far from just causing wetness on the bathroom floor, water leaks can lead to seepage and weaken not only your walls, floors, and roofs but your neighbours’ as well, since there is a possibility of having a damaging effect in the long run. So, if you spot a water tap leaking, try to fix it by calling a trusted plumber.

Water leaks in the wall will not have much of an impact in the short term, and you may fix it later or whenever you have time – but in the case of a busted pipe, you will need to act fast, as it can make a mess of not only your bathroom but the whole house. If you ever encounter a busted pipe, quickly turn off the main water supply connection. Your next immediate step should be to call a professional plumber like PW Plumbing. 

PW Plumbing has over 10 years of experience in fixing issues concerning water leakage and busted copper pipes and is a reliable bathroom plumber. We typically use two techniques for pipe leak repair: a C-clamp or a sleeve clamp to seal everything from pinhole leaks to major leaks.


  • Check the licence and market reputation of the plumbing agency: it should be genuine and impressive.
  • The plumbing company should employ skilled plumbers with extensive experience in all aspects of bathroom plumbing, such as fixing water tap leaks, repairing busted pipes, clearing clogged sinks, cleaning and repairing bathtubs, and so on. Make sure the plumbers check all the plumbing for quality and safety.
  • The plumber should provide timely services and fix issues with bathroom taps and sink clogging in a few hours.
  • The plumbing agency should charge reasonably for all types of bathroom plumbing services.

For quality time-bound bathroom plumbing services in Singapore, you can call PW Plumbing the right stop for world-class plumbing solutions for any type of water leakage, toilet clogging, sink clogging, and other bathroom issues at reasonable charges. Another integral part of every bathroom is the water heater, and we provide water heater installation as well!