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Toilet Bowl Replacement Before
Toilet Bowl Replacement After

Sanitary ware mainly includes all ceramic plumbing fixtures such as kitchen sinks, lavatories, bidet sprayers, toilet bowls, bathtubs, and the like. Ceramic sanitary ware is generally more long-lasting and easily maintainable than fixtures crafted from other materials as they can be easily cleaned. They are also not reactive to most of the chemicals used for cleaning them and can hold a substantial weight without taking damage.

The root cause of any plumbing-related issue could be the improper installation of sanitary ware, which may lead to problems like leakages and seepages in the long run. When expert plumbers are recruited they ensure that proper protocols are followed during installation, leaving no room for plumbing issues in the future. 

Our expert team at PW Plumbing will suggest the best options for you and then flawlessly install all kinds of sanitary fixtures. All that’s left for the customer to do is to enjoy their shiny, new sanitary ware for years to come with little to no maintenance.


If your water heater is over a decade old, tends to leak around the base of the tank, and works unpredictably, that’s when you know it’s time for a replacement. Although, in some cases, repairs and troubleshooting will save your existing hot-water tank, upgrading to a more efficient model, in turn, will cut down your energy expenses greatly.

At PW Plumbing, our expert plumbers are able to recognise the issues in your hot water tank, and they will assist you in your water heater repairs. They’ll know precisely what to look for, so the issue will be assessed swiftly, and a quick water heater repair is guaranteed.

Our plumbers in Singapore are well-trained and knowledgeable and they understand the design and functioning of all kinds of heaters. They are well-versed in safety standards and protocols and ensure maximum safety when it comes to water heater installation.


A clogged toilet, also known as a toilet choke, occurs when there is a foreign matter stuck or there are some complications in the drainage system. This is a common problem in many bathrooms in both homes and offices. Such a situation tends to arise due to human error like flushing down tissues, cotton swabs, hairs, soap, and other materials and substances that are not water soluble down the pipes. While these could be very well avoided, if you are still faced with a choked toilet bowl or clogged bathroom toilet at home or workplace, immediately reach out to PW Plumbers, one of the best plumbing contractors in Singapore, for an HDB toilet replacement.

Our plumbers are skilled in clearing out clogged toilets or choked toilet bowls using the proper equipment such as toilet plungers and augers. Our experienced and professional plumbers will do their best to eradicate all clogging issues from deep within your pipes. At PW Plumbing, we also provide quality toilet bowl repair in Singapore at an affordable cost.


Sometimes, it is impossible to repair the toilet bowl, and an HDB toilet bowl replacement becomes unavoidable. Are you not sure when to replace your worn-out HDB toilet bowl? Here are a few signs that you may require an HDB toilet bowl replacement:

  • Your existing toilet is clogging regularly.
  • The toilet is constantly running.
  • There are visible cracks in your toilet bowl.
  • The toilet bowl is not stable anymore.

If you find your toilet to be shaky or wobbly, it is due to a decaying floor beneath the toilet bowl. That’s when you know it’s time to contact a professional toilet bowl installer right away to replace the HDB toilet bowl. PW Plumbing is a household name when it comes to providing a complete range of plumbing services in Singapore, including – HDB toilet bowl replacements.

We offer our clients complete and immediate HDB toilet bowl replacement services that include:

  • Dismantling
  • Installation
  • Testing of the new toilet bowl
  • Transportation

Alternatively, PW Plumbing can also provide you with the necessary manpower and replacement services if you already have your new toilet bowl ready to install. Our plumbers are BCA-licensed and certified to carry out a comprehensive list of plumbing services with thorough care.

Our company is known for providing high-quality toilet bowl replacements in Singapore at affordable prices. PW Plumbing has been in the industry for years, providing unparalleled service to all our clients. Contact us today and allow our expert plumbers to assist you at any time.