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Fix Localise Floor Leakage

Floor waterproofing is one of those tasks that cannot be avoided at any cost in building construction. It is the key to preventing leaks and other water-related issues that can occur in a building, whether it is residential or commercial. Having a roof-related ceiling leakage issue at your home or place of business is always frustrating. When it comes to commercial buildings, a leak could not only reflect poorly on your capacity to maintain your premises and harm your business reputation but also lead to more serious consequences. If left unattended, it might eventually cause the walls and ceiling to weaken over time and cause heavy structural damage.


Whether it is repairing a minor leakage, fixing a major leakage, or installing or reinstalling a new waterproofing membrane, we at PW Plumbing are here to do it all for you. With years of experience as a leading waterproofing contractor in Singapore, we deliver long-lasting waterproofing solutions to both residential and commercial spaces. Our licensed and skilled team uses advanced techniques and high-quality materials to protect your property from any kind of water damage. 


At PW Plumbing, we stand behind our work and products. We provide a 5-year warranty for all our PU Injection treatments from the date of repair/workmanship. 

If you obtain a waterproofing solution from our company and later discover that it is defective within the period of warranty, you will be assured of a viable solution, and our waterproofing contractors in Singapore will be at your doorstep to remedy the issue at hand. This way, our warranty will help you avoid the typical cost of a repair visit. 


Water leakage is a quite common problem with residential and commercial property. Worry not; you will no longer have to suffer from the embarrassment of a ceiling leak or wall seepage. If you’re looking for a reliable waterproofing contractor in Singapore, contact our team of experts at PW Plumbing to ensure your repairs and plumbing work are done right every time. 

At PW Plumbing, we have years of experience in the field of waterproofing and are confident that we can solve all your water seepage problems effectively and efficiently.



What are the risks of ignoring ceiling leakage issues, and how can waterproofing help?

Ignoring ceiling leaks can lead to structural damage, weakened walls, and a negative impact on property reputation. Waterproofing addresses these concerns by preventing water infiltration and potential long-term harm. Professional waterproofing contractors in Singapore, like PW Plumbing, offer effective solutions to safeguard your property.

How does PW Plumbing address ceiling leakage and water seepage problems?

At PW Plumbing - a leading waterproofing contractor in Singapore, we provide quick and efficient ceiling leakage repairs. Using advanced technology, our plumbers detect water damage and utilise methods like PU injection to establish effective waterproofing. This ensures prompt solutions to prevent further damage and reputation issues.

What is PU injection, and how does it contribute to sustainable waterproofing solutions?

Polyurethane injection (PU) is a versatile substance used for waterproofing ceilings, floors, and walls by sealing cracks and gaps with low/high-pressure applications. This method, like PU injection grouting, offers long-lasting results without the need for hacking. At PW Plumbing, we emphasise sustainable practices by using non-toxic materials for repairs, making PU injection a safe and eco-friendly choice.

What benefits does PU injection offer for floor waterproofing and leakage repair?

PU injection is a fast, affordable, and non-intrusive method to repair leaks and strengthen floors. It expands to fill gaps, effectively preventing water passage. With a repair process as short as five to six hours, PU injection provides you with hassle-free solutions. Additionally, PU injection is backed by its manufacturer’s claims, ensuring performance and reliability.

How does PW Plumbing's 5-year warranty for PU Injection treatments benefit customers?

PW Plumbing offers a 5-year warranty for all PU Injection treatments, showcasing confidence in our work and products. If any defects arise within the warranty period, we will provide viable solutions, saving you from typical repair expenses. Hence, this warranty ensures peace of mind and substantial savings.